Sally Lawrence

Sally Johnston, Sally Lawrence, Indigenous Education


I am passionate about Indigenous Education and for the past 15 years, have been working in and with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities in a number of different roles.  These different roles enables me to offer varying perspectives and big picture strategic thinking.

Currently, I am lecturing at the University of the Sunshine Coast – TPP106 – Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Societies and enjoying being a part of many students cultural competence learning journey.  When you see that ‘light bulb moment’ or change in attitude and understanding for Indigenous perspectives, it’s just magic.  In this role, I have been instrumental in ensuring that members from different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities share their knowledge and ways of being with non-Indigenous students, ensuring the rigour and integrity of this course is upheld.

My work continues in support of the Ration Shed Museum at Cherbourg Historical Precinct, with the development of educational resources to align the rich history of Cherbourg with the National Curriculum.  In 2015, I will launch my new book for the ANZAC 100 – Boys from Barambah Project and support Sharing Culture with the launch of their Makassans Unit of Work, which I consulted on.

Additionally, I will continue to work with the Former Origin Greats (FOGs) and their ARTIE  (Achieving Results through Indigenous Education) program delivering Cultural Awareness workshops for the University of Queensland tutors with Aunty Honor Cleary and Aunty Beverly Hand.

Lastly, I have just returned from the Torres Strait where I managed the My Island Home project.  What started as a conversation at the dinner table with Neil Murray, successfully turned it into a fully funded project made possible through the support of Australia Council for the Arts, the Torres Strait Regional Authority and Mura Kosker.   Neil Murray, Patrick Mau – Maupower, Mike Justice and Ben Hense mentored 19 emerging artists for a week long songwriting and recording workshop.  Go to the My Island Home Project page for more information.


Sunshine Coast Queensland