Ration Shed Tours

In 2009, Aunty Honor drew my attention to what her sisters were doing out at the Ration Shed to preserve the personal histories of Cherbourg.  She said, “We need to get people out there, they need to hear our stories”.  Meanwhile, Sally and her friends had discovered a group of vineyards just down the road from Murgon, in particular, Moffatdale Ridge, where the owners were more than obliging.  After much thought, I went back to Aunty Honor with an idea, which is now known as “The Ration Shed Tours”.

Over 1000 people have been on these tours since its inception, along with a feature story on Channel 7’s “Queensland Weekend

If you’re  interested in going, you can join the organised tours which are run by the North Coast Region – Indigenous Education Unit.  Contact Sarah Larsen on (07) 5459 9150 to book, for dates see poster attached.  Otherwise, book your own private tour through Sally and this website, for groups larger than 10.

Please note that school excursions can be organised out to the Ration Shed Museum.  Contact The Ration Shed Museum on (07) 4169 5753 or www.rationshed.com.au

Sunshine Coast Queensland