Yarnin’ Up on Country with Aunty Beverly Hand – Milford Lodge

I’ll be Yarnin’ Up on Country with well respected Kabi Kabi Elder, Aunty Beverly Hand, so join us for the day at Milford Lodge on the 2nd of November, 2019.  Participants will engage in a series of workshops that will build their Cultural Capability to embed Aboriginal ways of learning with their Pedagogical Practices and deeply connect with country and the history of the Kabi Kabi people.

8 Aboriginal ways of learning –  Peel off the layers and dig deeper to understand 8 Aboriginal ways of learning.  This masterclass will enable participants to develop their pedagogical practices to always ensure they are embedding an Aboriginal perspective regardless of the content or topic. This session will underpin the learning of the day as we apply the framework to practical hands-on experiences on country.
Crossing Cultures : Hidden Histories – Using 7 interactive posters, participants will gain greater insight and understanding of the local story as we journey through a 65, 000 year history and make connections with our more recent shared history of the past 250 years and the impact this has had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture.  Participants will reflect on what they have discovered and how they could use 8 Aboriginal ways of learning to embed this in their classrooms.
Walk, Talking Country – consolidate the days learning with a walk on country, talking about local plants and animals and the different ways in which they were used for food or medicine by Kabi Kabi people.  This walk will provide an opportunity for participants to connect with country using Uncle Ernie’s Holistic Framework as we look through the 4 windows of time to understand how the land, culture, language, place, and relationships have changed over time.
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Sunshine Coast Queensland