2016 – The year ahead







2015 was a busy year for Black Cockatoo.

Early in the year, we (Cherbourg’s Ration Shed Museum) launched the Boys from Barambah – Black Diggers story for Cherbourg which led to several speaking engagements throughout the year.  It has been wonderful speaking to family members as they connect into the story of these Boys from Barambah and hearing more information about these men. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this journey.

Neil Murray and I, along with Mau Power, Mike Justice and Ben Hense headed north in August for the My Island Home Project (MIHP).  This project came about from a conversation at the dinner table late one night and came to fruition some 6 months later. MIHP was a $70 000 project which was successfully acquitted to two funding bodies. Logistically challenging, this project was a highlight for me personally as I was able to return to a community that I have a strong sense of belonging and responsibility to.  The boys also made me Executive Producer of the album which makes me giggle and is definitely a standout on my CV!!  to hear the album go to https://soundcloud.com/my-island-home-project

I have continued to work with Neil on organising gigs, Ozcrowd funding   https://ozcrowd.com/campaigns/neil-murray-and-sammy-butcher-tjungukutu-coming-together/?updated=true#.VpLb_TZUTUo and upcoming gigs across Australia in 2016.  A lot of upcoming anniversaries for some of Australia’s most significant historical events will be commemorated in 2016 and I am looking forward to hopefully being witness to some of these events.

I will be returning to work with Education Queensland this year in a part time capacity as Manager for Indigenous Education for the North Coast Region.  I am looking forward to creating innovative  projects with community and support our Indigenous Education workers to advance better outcomes for our mob.  Part time work, raising my 2 young boys, supporting my hubby in his new work role and continuing to find opportunities and gigs for Neil Murray ,will fill my 2016.

If you would like Neil to play in your community or have a private house concert, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

So here is to a happy and healthy year, I will continue my updates on some of the projects I work on throughout the year, hope you enjoy me sharing my journey with you.  All the best in 2016.


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