New activity for Cherbourg Ration Shed


Cherbourg Ration Shed Timeline Sally Lawrence

I’ve just finished a new activity for out at the Ration Shed Museum and feeling very proud!!  This activity will allow Primary school aged children to better engage with the timeline within the Ration Shed.  Just waiting to build the clothes line in the back corner of the Ration Shed and train volunteers to use this activity with the students.  Can’t wait to see how the students respond.

Students choose an article of clothing from the clothes line and read the statement which is printed on the front.  Students then turn the article of clothing ‘inside out’ to reveal pictorial clues which help them to find evidence on the timeline which will either “Support or Reject” the initial statement.  Having now found their information, the small group will report back to the whole group and decide whether to “Support or Reject” the statement and give their evidence to support their decision.  Articles of clothing that are “Rejected” will be put in the laundry basket, to be “washed”.

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