Community Connections

I offer this service free of charge as a way of supporting local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their businesses.  This aims to support your business to build an ongoing relationship with the community.

Community consultation, involvement and communication are essential to the success of any program that is designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Without it, you’re  ‘dead in the water’

I have over 12 years experience of working with the local Indigenous community from Pine Rivers to Bundaberg.  Let me help you navigate your way to engaging with the Indigenous community, Government departments and non-government or non-for profit organisations with whom you can mutually develop opportunities and programs. 

I personally adopt the ‘3 cups of Tea’ model to engaging with the community.

 “The first cup of tea, you are a stranger,

The second cup, you are a friend,

And the third cup of tea, you become family, and for family, we do anything”

I also believe that the best time to develop a relationship or partnership with Indigenous people is when you don’t want anything.  “I have seen people fail in their attempt to connect with community, simply because they want, or are motivated purely for their own needs.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are reciprocal in their nature.  Ours, not mine.  For the collective, rather than individual gain.

This is Aunty Honor Cleary OAM.  Aunty Honor is one of my biggest mentors.  We met in 2006 as we worked together building Indigenous Playgroups in schools.  Many years on, Aunty Honor and I still continue to work together on the Ration Shed Tours, Cultural Awareness Workshops, Adopt-an-Elder programs, Lecturing and the ARTIE Program (FOGS), however, our relationship is far more deeper and personal.  Aunty Honor is a remarkable lady, a living legend.  Check out Aunty Honor in the latest Kindy Counts campaign for Education Queensland.  Click on the image below.


Sunshine Coast Queensland