Building Cultural Capability

BRAND NEW Webinar Series to support Breaking down barriers to Build Cultural Capability to be an ally in the Classroom. 4 part webinar series available via the Shop

Your own personal journey

Building Cultural Capability is a lifelong and personal journey and like life, may have its ups and downs. Whilst some of us have been on this road for many years, others may be just starting. Like all good road trips, you need a map to know where you are going, know how to navigate the potholes and be prepared to take the road less travelled. Remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Relationships are at the core of building Cultural capability. Be coached by Sally and work to acknowledge what is in your rear-view mirror and set your GPS for the journey and discovery that awaits on the trip of a life time.  Let Sally guide you to connecting with communities and be inspired to design the next leg of your cultural capability journey.

Enquire about working with Sally on your own personal journey and be coached through Sally’s Holistic Framework developed from her own journey spanning 2 decades.


Crossing Cultures : Hidden Histories

Every organisation in todays world needs to employ Cultural awareness programs for their staff.  Be responsible as a corporate and/or global citizen and facilitate a Cultural Awareness program for your organisation and staff.  Many participants comment, ” Why weren’t we taught this at school, I just didn’t know this”.  You don’t know what you don’t know!  Be guided through a 200+year Hidden History workshop that is done is an interactive, engaging, hands on way.

Myself and an Indigenous Elder or community member will engage you in an interactive 3 hour workshop to unpack the Hidden History of Australia.  This 3 hour workshop is just a taste, all day workshops can be requested. The series of posters used, provides an illustrative guide depicting the impact of some past governments policies and practices that affected Aboriginal peoples of Australia.  These posters represent the story of ‘The Big Picture’ – A Hidden History’, because many people, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, do not know this part of history.  This workshop can be localised to capture the significant history of the land on which the workshop is being conducted.

This resource was developed by the FNQ Indigenous School Support Unit Staff, District Community Education Counsellors, Uncle Ernie Grant, Aunty Muriel Eddleston.  The Artists are Julie Haysom, Colin Higgins Jnr and Steve Grady.

A great PD for small and large groups.  Enquire today and let Sally organise an Elder or Community member to share their story to make this training personal and more meaningful.

Sunshine Coast Queensland