I have been lecturing at the University of the Sunshine Coast for 3 years in TPP106 – An Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.

I can be engaged for public speaking or Guest Lecturing and can be contacted through this site. It is an imperative of the Reconciliation agenda in Australia and in Universities to learn and teach about Australia’s First Peoples. This course provides students with an Introduction to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies and cultures. There is a focus on Indigenous ways of knowing and students use the course content to acquire and develop a range of skills and understandings needed for meaningful and successful engagement with Indigenous communities. This knowledge and understanding assists students in their future studies in a diverse range of undergraduate programs. I have been instrumental to this course having local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members share their knowledge and stories with students.   You may recognise some of the Guest Speakers pictured below. If you’re thinking about a career or studying at the Tertiary level, TPP is a great opportunity to develop your academic skills and fine tune your focus on a new career path.


Sunshine Coast Queensland