Education Consultancy – Indigenous Education

Environmental Education program – Kids in Action – winner of the Partnerships Category for the 2020 Queensland Reconciliation Awards

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Sally Lawrence has been an educator for 25 years with 20 of those years working with and for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  Her vast experience and differing roles within education enable Sally to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and understanding to any given task.

If you are looking for someone to walk with you on engaging with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to strengthen your educational work, please contact Sally Lawrence.  Core services include:

  • Curriculum, development, writing and reviews
  • Keynote address, workshops and Professional Development  Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Strategic and Innovative Program Design
  • Cultural awareness training with an Indigenous Elder or Community member
  • Ration Shed Tours to Cherbourg Historical Precinct

Similarly, if you wish to develop your Indigenous services and products to align better with the National curriculum and schools, please contact Sally Lawrence.

                               [email protected]

                                          0439 88 49 88

Our Land, Our Stories – Winner of the Primary Student Resource category and Outstanding Primary Student Resource for 2020 for which Sally was lead author.

Peter Lawrence joins the team in 2024 delivering First Nations perspectives for Secondary Schools. With a focus on Truth-telling, Peter caters to schools, students and Educators embedding both Knowledge and Pedagogy.

Sunshine Coast Queensland