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My Island Home Project

Don’t think my feet have really touched the ground yet, what a week, just amazing the talent of the Torres Straits!!  I was blown away from the dedication and focus of the mentors, participants and how the whole week transpired.  So very proud.

Early Sunday afternoon we got thrown a major curve ball but quickly resorted to Plan B and C.  Got to think quick when working remotely and in community. We remained on track despite this and got to work getting to know the participants and establishing a baseline and structure for each artist for the week ahead.  Mura Kosker was just brilliant for that grounding and support without question.  Big shout out to our sisters on the Rock for holding ground and giving us an anchor.  My sincere and truest love to you all.

As the week went on, we got down to business, writing, connecting and developing our expression for our culture and place.  The artists were incredible and before long, everyone was collaborating and value adding to each others material.  Before long it was Friday and we were gearing up for our FREE Community Concert at Port Kennedy Hall.  With over 300 people showing their support, the night ran smoothly with the showcase of talent and creativity of the week that was.  At the close, a steady shower of rain appeared from nowhere.  It was the ancestors giving their blessing and letting us know that they were with us and supporting us.  Yagar!!  Goosebumps.

Early the next morning, Neil Murray and Patrick Mau – Maupower, boarded a small plan to drop off some of the Outer Island mob and flew on to Mer, birthplace and resting place of the great man himself – Koiki Mabo.  Native Title was born in the Torres Strait and paved the way for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples since.  Seemed fitting to finish off the week this way.

Now busy developing the post production side of things, graphics for the CD, fine tuning the songs and getting final approval from the artists.  We aim to launch the CD on Thursday Island late September and aspire to have the My Island Home Project songs heard throughout mainland Australia.  I’m so inspired by the team I worked with and what we together created.  With the support of the Traditional Owners, Elders like Aunty Cessa Nakata (Mills Sisters) and Uncle Seaman Dan, coupled with the emerging talent and next generation, the sounds of music, culture and language is in good hands.  Congratulations to the 20 My Island Home Project artists.  Strong, proud and deadly


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