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My Island Home Project

Things have been very busy in the lead up to the My Island Home Project.  Kicking off in just 16 days, the My Island Home (MIH) Project will see 23 people come together from throughout the Torres Straits and Cairns to be mentored by Neil Murray, Patrick Mau aka. Mau Power, Mike Justice and Ben Hense in a songwriting and recording workshop.

Kicking off Sunday the 9th of August , the MIH Workshop participants and mentors will gather for a Blessing and feast, then Monday the 10th of August, it’s straight into the workshops at Gab Titui Cultural Centre.  On Tuesday the 11th of August, we head to Friday Island to continue our workshops and be inspired by the beauty of the Straits.  Neil Murray is keen to co-write with the participants to develop their talent and passion.  Wednesday it’s back to Gab Titui for more mentoring and to put the finishing touches on our material.  Thursday the 13th through to Wednesday the 18th, participants can record their song at the new TSIMA Studios.

On Friday the 14th of August, a FREE Community Concert at the PK Hall has been organised with some of the participants performing along with Mau Power and Neil Murray.  Should be a great night and a wonderful chance to share what we have created.

Join me in celebrating the following participants:

  • Harry Lui
  • Joseph David
  • Lawrence Mosby
  • Patrick Levi
  • George Musu
  • Peter Lyons
  • Patrick Bonner
  • Sylvia Tabua
  • Patty Nakata
  • Marita Sagigi
  • Elsie Seriat
  • Bob Kaigey
  • Jared Noah
  • Jossie Lola
  • Elisha Dorante
  • Maria Passi
  • Rita Kaitap
  • Damien Fujii
  • Jessiah Mabo
  • Pele Savage
  • Katura Samson
  • Noel Repu
  • Jack Bani

We wish all participants the best with this opportunity and look forward to sharing the project with you further.

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