NAIDOC Celebrations at North Lakes State College


An amazing day of celebrations for NAIDOC at North Lakes College!!

Under the impeccable leadership of Gail Barker, North Lakes State College is leading the way on creating a school environment that celebrates and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, families and their culture.  With Aunty Honor Cleary as their adopted Elder, the school facilitates an end of term celebration for their students and their families to celebrate their successes and plan collaboratively the onward journey of the school.

This term, the Food Technology department and students catered the event.  The menu was a cultural infusion of Gourmet/ Indigenous/Cuisine that was just amazing.  Huge kudos to Nicole Readman and her team.  This function also marked the opening of the artwork by Deb Taylor and Laurie Neilson, along with the stunning work of Claudia Moondoonuthi, check out the stunning artwork that the school has had re-produced and installed with Claudia’s permission.

The Wakka Wakka Dancers were brilliant, highly engaging and encouraging of students from the school to join in.  Every child and teacher was just in awe.  Well done to the boys, they would have slept well heading back to Cherbourg, it was a huge day. It’s this holistic work that sets the standard.  Leadership from the Principal and Heads of Department, Embedding Perspectives and resources into the Curriculum, an adopted Elder who is highly respected and admired for her enduring commitment to education, engaging parents and celebrations of culture… I tell you, this is a school to watch!!

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Sunshine Coast Queensland