Session 2 : Becoming a Significant Other – Building Self Efficacy in Learners WEBINAR


Session 2:

Becoming a Significant Other is an important quality for all Educators when working with diverse families.  Building trust and reciprocal respect is the foundation for any relationship, particularly with First Nations families and children.  Inspired by the work of Dr. Grahame Chaffey, learn how to build the self – efficacy of learners by becoming a significant other in their education and life journey.  These top 21 tips will ensure that your professional practices not only inspire but also create life long memories and positive experiences for all your students.

Session 2:

  • Building Self Efficacy within learners
  • Developing Significant Other Status
  • Mastery experiences
  • Verbal persuasion
  • Vicarious experiences
  • Being a Significant Other for First Nations students.
  • Building Relationships and partnerships with First Nations peoples

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Sunshine Coast Queensland