Session 3 : Crossing Cultures Hidden Histories – The Big picture : FACE to FACE – POA

Sally co-facilitates this 4-hour workshop with a  local First Nations Elder or community member. This session is usually held on a weekend or can be delivered during core business hours.  This is a 4-hour hands-on interactive workshop.

Crossing Cultures Hidden Histories will take you on a journey of over 65 000 years from times prior to contact to the present day.  This is the 101 History lesson you may not have been taught in school and will be brought to life as stories are shared about what life was like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ‘Under the Act’.  These personal stories will move you incredibly.  The learning throughout this session will challenge some elements of your own knowledge.  Be prepared to unlearn in order to relearn our shared history.

Participant numbers unlimited and at the discretion of the engaging organisation.

  • Face to Face delivery
  • Hands-on, interactive learning
  • Group activities
  • 7 posters

Requires 4 hours delivery



Sunshine Coast Queensland