Queensland History Teachers Association

STATE eConference – 27 June 2020

This year, I co-presented with my husband and historian, Peter Lawrence – 101 – First Nations Perspectives – The bits they didn’t teach you at school.

We were joined by 52 delegates who engaged with the Theme – Where next? Peter and I shared 3 different, yet connected topics – The Great Toor – Bunya Gatherings of SE QLD – 1842-43, Black Diggers – The Boys from Barambah and The Spanish Influenza – The loss of lives, culture and ancestral knowledge on the Mission. You can access our PowerPoint for this presentation and Ray Kerkhove’s Bunya Gatherings Book via a Dropbox link – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/317d5kkfc0i1m21/AAC2S_hZoWvSWtmAAlYITmF7a?dl=0

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