Rations at the Ration Shed

Rations at the Ration Shed







Rations at the Ration Shed for Year 1 Cherbourg State School students

A great day with Aunty Sandra, Aunty Ada and the Year 1 students from Cherbourg State School out at the Ration Shed.

Students heard stories from the Aunties about how life was growing up with Rations, how rations were distributed and what food was allocated as a part of the Rations process.  Students measured out their Rations with scoops, into bags according to how many people were in their family.  They then went to the window to collect the Rations on behalf of their family.  Students later learnt how to read the Timeline and find pictures that told the story of Cherbourg.  When they grow up, they will be able to read in more detail the story of their community as it is recorded on the Timeline.

I was asked to design the activities for this visit and assist the Aunties in facilitating the workshop.  I think the children really loved the hands on aspect of the activity as well as the stories that the Aunties shared.  It’s about bringing our history alive!!

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