TAFE online, TAFE Queensland Teachers and KU staff engage with Building Cultural Capability

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In the past week, I have been working with 50 Educators to Break down Barriers to Build Cultural Capability. The constant feedback I receive from participants is that “we were not taught this stuff at school or in our tertiary education”.  Educators express their desire to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait histories and cultures but are worried they are going to ‘stuff-up’.  My answer, “You most probably will, but get over yourself and just giving it a go, apologise and listen when people explain why.

Throughout these sessions, participants have been introduced to the Building Cultural Capability Model and have engaged with activities and conversations which will enable them to reflect on their own cultural background and privilege as a part of their cultural capability journey.

If you or a colleague seek to build your cultural capability but aren’t sure how to go about it, give Sally a call or email to discuss upcoming opportunities for you to engage with.

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