ALEA – Australian Literacy Educators Alliance Conference – Literacy Empowering Voices: Reflecting the Past, Viewing the Present, Scripting the Future.



Heading to the 2019 ALEA Conference in Melbourne?  Come to my session at 3 pm – Wednesday the 10th of July, 2019, just before Uncle Bruce Pascoe’s in the Ballroom.




Join Shelley Ware and Sally Lawrence to discuss teaching the Australian Curriculum’s Cross Curriculum priority – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  Histories and Cultures.  It’s an area that educators know they need to teach in their everyday teaching, yet what is the best way to do it effectively and respectfully?  Some educators may find it challenging to teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content because of the complex issues that may arise or because they feel their knowledge and understanding is limited.

Presenters Shelley Ware and Sally Lawrence will discuss their own experiences as practicing educators and will give guidance and advice on how teachers can broaden their students’ understanding of the richness and uniqueness of Australian First Nations languages, peoples, cultures and histories.  More importantly, they will provide strategies and suggestions for how the cross-curriculum priority can be taught in all the key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum.   The presenters will also address and help educators to build their own cultural capability within their teaching practices within this 1-hour workshop.

Shelly Ware

screen-shot-2019-06-30-at-2-36-55-pm  Shelley Ware is a proud descendant of the Yankunyjatjara and Wirangu peoples who lives and   teaches in Melbourne.  Shelley is a presenter on NITV’s The Marngrook Footy Show and she is one   of the most respect and recognised female AFL Football presenters in Australia,   Shelley is a   primary school teacher and has also contributed several texts to the forthcoming Aboriginal and   Torres Strait Islander series, Our Land, Our Stories, published by AIATSIS and Nelson Cengage.



Sally Lawrence

screen-shot-2019-06-30-at-2-55-39-pm  For over 20 years, Sally Lawrence has worked exclusively with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait   Islander communities within Education and Community Development.  Sally held various specialist   teaching roles in Torres Strait Islander communities and more recently, she was the Manager of   Indigenous Education for the Department of Education (North Coast Region – Queensland).  Sally is currently lecturing and writing in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.  Sally   has also written all the teacher material for the forthcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander   series, Our Land, Our Stories, published by AIATSIS and Nelson Cengage.


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