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Neil Murray – Bring Thunder and Rain – Mimburi

In the lead up to Bunya Dreaming 2015,  a Pre-Gig event saw a lot of talent on the stage at Mimburi with headline acts of Neil Murray and Mop and the Drop Outs play as a part of the Bunya Dreaming 2015.  Local talent and former Custodians of the Bunya Guitar warmed up the crowd less than 24 hours after a significant rain event which saw a lot of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland communities swamped in a deluge of over 100mm in a very short time.

When Neil Murray flew in on Friday morning, the weather was less than desirable.  He’d done it again, only 8 months earlier on his debut at Mimburi, a massive storm rolled through the Mary Valley, with both thunder, rain and lightening striking on Mimburi.  We were excited to have Neil Murray playing and little did we know that he literally would, Bring Thunder and Rain.  Never to disappoint, he did it again.

I picked Neil up from the airport in my husbands restored ’56 FJ Holden, real rockstar treatment!!  Neil had the biggest smile on his face, his transport fitting for such a talented man, Australia’s Countryman.  A couple of suitcases and guitars loaded in the back and we were off to meet up with Jodie and Gadj Maymuru from Sharing Culture.  With Neil having spent time up Arnhem Land, I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to connect and do just that, Share Culture.  Whilst at Rick’s Garage in Palmwoods, the weather closed in and before long, we were flooded in.  We piled back into the FJ and waited in the long snaking queue hoping to get through.  Our hot ride soon became all fogged up, wipers whirling and all belly laughing inside as we went nowhere fast.  This was a ride to remember.

Thankfully some of the Mimburi boys were doing a pickup in town and offered to take Neil out to Mimburi before the rivers rose.  2 Murri’s, Neil Murray and the dogs made their way through swollen creeks, Neil was now On Country and the magic of Mimburi was building.  The next night, Neil played to an enthusiastic crowd, whilst the Mimburi dancers invited the crowd to shake a leg.   It was a magical night, Neil always at his best and the crowd singing along.

On Sunday Aunty Beverly Hand welcomed all to Bunya Dreaming 2015  and the Mary (River) was full to her banks with the previous days rain.  A very hot but great day was enjoyed by many Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people on Country.  It is always a privilege to share in the Bunya with people who you know or are yet to meet.  This significant cultural event is like no other, a must for those wanting to immerse themselves in local culture.  The Bunya Dreaming is held every year on Invasion Day as a part of Kabi Kabi culture by Michael and Beverly Hand.

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