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These images and blog contains the names of deceased persons.

This Friday I’m heading to Canberra to conduct research on the Boys of Barambah – WW1 Diggers from Barambah/Cherbourg.  This includes the 29 men on the Honour Board at Cherbourg and the 17 who were ‘irregularly enlisted’ and then discharged within a month on account of their Aboriginality.  The Defence Act at the time only permitted men to serve who were of substantial European heritage, meaning Indigenous men who, if both parents Identified as being Indigenous, could not serve, although they were willing to make the supreme sacrifice.   However, men who had one parent of European heritage could serve.

Early days of the research but some interesting stories are coming to light.  Elders from Cherbourg will be inviting family members to come and share their stories to ensure we bring the oral stories and AIF documented stories together in a rich tapestry.  Very excited about meeting Philippa Scarlett, Gary Oakley and seeing what is housed at the Australian War Memorial, National Museum and AIATSIS.  It’s going to be a very busy weekend.

Please contact me if you have a connection to those Men who were from Barambah/Cherbourg and who volunteered for WW1.  We would love to hear your story and have you be a part of this project.

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